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Baby, it's cold outside

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The colder weather poses a unique set of challenges for our skin, which is under stress from winter's drying conditions.  All skin types need extra hydration and protection, but different skin types will have different requirements.

That's why it's important to know your skin type in order to tailor your skincare regime according to your needs.  Even during winter, slathering on the thickest cream possible is not a fail-safe solution for everyone. Richer creams are best suited for mature or drier skin types  For combination/oily skin types, the issue is twofold. It's important to stay hydrated whilst also keeping T-zone shine (and any potential breakouts) at bay. 

Layer Up

Serums are your best friend during winter.  We recommend that all skin types add a serum to their skincare regime to give the skin the nourishment it needs. Highly concentrated with active ingredients and formulated with smaller molecules than moisturisers in order to better penetrate the skin, serums will target specific areas of concern.  

Depending on your skin's requirements, serums are used to add extra moisture, nourishment and firmness to skin.

Combination/oily skins will need a lightweight, oil-free serum like Mario Badescu's Herbal Hydrating Serum. This versatile formula includes glycerin, a naturally derived humectant with water-binding properties that helps to retain moisture in the skin without adding oil. It also contains ginseng extract and Ceramides to repair the top layer of the skin, hydrating skin without clogging pores.   A few drops used after moisturizer will help lock in the moisture and keep your skin looking fresh and dewy – but not greasy – throughout the day.

By contrast, dry skin occurs when the oil glands do not produce enough oil to properly lubricate the skin. Consequently, dry skin is easily irritated by exposure to wind and cold weather.  and requires extra care during winter with gentle and soothing products.  Dry and sensitive skins love Mario Badescu's Cellufirm Drops serum. This little green miracle worker dramatically improves skin's firmness and hydration due to its high levels of Collagen. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid and seaweed extracts, helping to soften skin and protect it against winter's drying effects.

At night, swap the Cellufirm Drops for an oil - we love Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil or Mario Badescu's Vitamin C Serum.  Massage on still slightly damp face and neck skin before moisturising.  Alternatively, add a few drops to your night cream or moisturiser.  Both oils have high levels of anti-oxidant Vitamin C, which help to calm inflamed skinhelp and restore hydration.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise
Drier skins will probably benefit from swapping to a gentle cream cleanser like Mario Badescu's Seaweed Cleansing Soap. Use alcohol-free toners and astringents to gently refresh and clarify pores without further drying dehydrated skin.  Remember to exfoliate, but don't overdo it, and make sure you're using a gentle or enzymatic formula during the colder months.

If necessary, switch up your moisturiser for something more emollient in formulation. Hydration is the cornerstone of a healthy, smooth complexion, so be sure to find the right moisturizer for both your face and body to help the epidermis retain proper hydration levels. Look for creams with humectants like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin. Humectants attract and bind moisture into the skin, helping to prevent moisture loss and keep skin smooth, plump and supple.


Don't forget your eye cream. Of course, we recommend using an eye cream year round, but it's particularly important in winter.  One of our favourite picks is Mario Badescu's Chamomile Eye Cream which adds a boost of Vitamins A and E. It hydrates the delicate eye area, minimizing the appearance of dryness and fine lines.  We're also slightly obsessed with Pai's Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream which has high levels of Gamma Linolenic Acid which protects the skin's barrier and keeps skin soft.

Don't neglect your lips, as they can really suffer during winter.  Dry, cracked lips may be unsightly not to mention painful, so keep them hydrated and protected with a nourishing lip balm.  

Whilst we understand the lure of a hot shower in the depths of winter, we caution restraint, as hot water may inflame dry and sensitive skin.  Instead, try to make do with a lukewarm shower which will be gentler on skin.  Be sure to exfoliate your body too. A gentle scrub helps buff away dry, flaky bits so the skin can better absorb whatever body lotion or cream you slather on afterwards.

Did you know that dull skin may be a sign of dehydration?  If your skin is looking less than glowing, then you may be dehydrated.  Drinking water helps your body to flush out inflamation-causing toxins and keeps your brain fully functional.  It also hydrates cells so skin looks plumper, firmer and more radiant. If the idea of a glass of cold water doesn't hold much appeal, try sipping on herbal teas instead.  Peppermint tea is deliciously refreshing, plus can help to aid digestion, relieve stress (a common acne aggravator) treat headaches and clear sinuses.

Whatever the weather, always be gentle with your skin no matter what type you have (acne-erupted, dry and flaky, oily, or sensitive) because being too harsh will only exacerbate this condition. The goal is to maintain balance in order to achieve a smoother and more perfect complexion.