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ADORAtherapy is a collection of mood boost body and room sprays as well as Chakra Boosts - Shift your mind, body & soul and instantly uplift your mood. 

Gain instant access to the powerful shift of aromatherapy essential oils with our Mood Boost™ Collections. Keep our products handy and pull one out of your purse to shift your mood. Keep one in your car, or by your bed to shift energy. Line your bathroom shelves with Mood Boosts and use them as you gaze into the mirror self-affirming: “I Adore Myself!" Develop a practice of boosting your mood and see your life transform.

When choosing your ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost, you don’t have to choose just 1! Why not have all 7 at your fingertips? Use based on the mood of the day! You can even try layering and pairing, adding affirmations for maximum benefit!


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