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Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream

Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream

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Citrus Juice is non greasy and will leave skin feeling soft and smooth. This daily face cream is designed to replenish the skin’s healthy and protective oils without clogging the pores.

A certain amount of Sebum (oil produced by the skin) is healthy and is an essential component needed to maintain the skin’s natural protection, guarding the skin from certain chemicals and bacteria.

This lightweight, yet concentrated cream, will replenish healthy oils within the skin; this is a key factor in balancing sebum production. A unique combination of natural ingredients control and normalise the over production of sebum and will not clog the skin’s pores.

  • Citrus Juice is very lightweight, yet a highly potent mix of ingredients that wont cause breakouts.
  • The skin will be left feeling smooth and fresh, while mattifying an oily and shiny appearance.
  • Citrus Juice contains polyphenol-rich fractions from the fruits of saw palmetto and sesame seeds in an argan oil base. This mixture is scientifically proven to replenish the skin’s healthy oils, reducing and balancing excessive oil production.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid rich oils from berries, which are easily digested by the skin.
  • Also contains antibacterial and healing Manuka and Aloe vera to help clear breakouts.
  • Skin cleansing essential juices from Orange, Bergamot and basil help reduce the risk of infection and breakouts occurring.
  • Antioxidant packed superfruits of pomegranate, red raspberry and cranberry help stop skin damaging and ageing free radicals.

Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream
$81.00 $59.95

Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream

Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream
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