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Facial In A Jar


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Facial in a jar contains resurfacing lactic, mandelic and malic acid. These work together to resurface dull, redundant cells, unveiling fresher and younger looking skin. Pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes then smooth and digest these dead skin cells while metabolising new, healthier cell production.

  • Fruit acids and enzymes work together to promote the skin’s natural renewal process which provides the skin with age defying benefits.
  • This unique formula contains skin brightening bio-actives that work together to help even out skin tone.
  • There are many contributors to skin redness and inflammation, such as an imbalance with the skin’s pH.
  • This is a nutrient rich exfoliating peel that will lift away dry and flaky skin, however what we take, we must give back to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural function.

Available in 30ml

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