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Skinnies Sungel- 200ml


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Skinnies SPF30 Sungel breaks from traditional sunscreens in a few respects: namely, it won’t leave you with that ghostly florescent white glow, it dries in a matter of minutes and will stay put all day. About a pea sized blob, applied thoroughly & sparingly, covers your face, neck & ears and provides instant long lasting UV protection – something that’s achieved by getting rid of the 50-70% water found in conventional sunscreens.

What is in Skinnies?

Skinnies SPF30 Sungel is made from just a handful of ingredients (7 to be precise).

  1. IMOGEL™ - Our trademarked, gel formulation is completely water free and produced under GMP manufacturing conditions. Imogel™ holds the UV protective ingredients on the outer layers of your skin so Skinnies does what it should, where it should. 
  2. BEMOTRIZINOL - Blocks the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays and works extremely well in conjunction with Avobenzone.
  3. AVOBENZONE - Avobenzone blocks the full spectrum of UVA rays (UVA1 & UVA2) and is THE most effective UVA absorber we could find. Rock on Avo!
  4. OXYBENZONE - Oxybenzone mops up both UVA & UVB rays and contributes to Skinnies broad spectrum rating.
  5. OCTOCRYLENE - Blocks UVB and UVA2 rays, and helps Skinnies to stay put when you're in the water.
  6. TITANIUM DIOXIDE - TiO2 is a UV reflector (present in non-nanoparticle form) and makes the gel opaque.
  7. VITAMIN E - Moisturises while the other ingredients protect, as well as mopping up some free radicals formed while you’re out in the sunshine.

Also available in 35ml and 100ml

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