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Tsuki Natural Fibre Sponge


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Tsuki Konjak Sponge 

Made with 100% natural Konjak plant root, the Tsuki natural fibre sponge is just that- a natural, gentle yet powerful skin cleansing sponge.

Because of the particular structure of the sponge, it massages the skin gently and stimulates blood flow to renew the growth of skin cells.

Perfect for use with or without a cleanser & suitable for even the most sensitive skin

- 100% Pure Konjak
- 100% Natural Fibre 
- Biodegradable 
- Cruelty-free
- Gluten & Wheat free 
- Sugar & Starch free

For use: 
1.Run your Tsuki Sponge under water and gently squeeze your sponge to draw the water in. 
2. Use with or without cleanser, massage your skin with the sponge
3. Rinse your sponge until the water runs clear, squeeze any excess water 
4. Hang your sponge to dry with the attached cord or place in a clean/dry area of your bathroom. 

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